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  • Name: OEM Cylindrical Needle Rollers
  • NO.: ATS CNR1
  • Brand: A T S
  • Shelves time: 2015-10-26
  • Bearing Type: Sealed
  • Views : 142

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OEM Cylindrical Needle Rollers 

In a special production process in according with the JB/T10235 standards of production and high-precision, low noise, high-life bearings for cylindrical rollers of the accuracy for the and .

Product Use

ATS Brand Cylindrical Roller uses a lot of the needs of the market following:

1.      High-speed, low noise of the special bearings

2.      High-precision, low-noise motor bearings

3.      And the general industrial and machine tool manufacturing industry for supporting the cylindrical roller bearings.



AISI 304

Feature: Austenitic, corrosion resistance, slightly magnetic, however annealing can make it non-magnetic

General Applications: Used in valves and relevant application, food products, aerosols, home sprays, perfumes and medical equipments.


AISI 316

Feature: non-magnetic, good corrosion resistance even when exposed to marine atmosphere and sulfuric acid.

General Applications: used in presence of sulphuric, phosphoric and acetic acides, Mainly used in chemical, paper and textile industries.



Feature: Characteristics same as 316 but with excellent corrosion resistance. Lower carbon content than regular 316.

General Applications: Especially used in Jewelry, and Human Implant Applications


AISI 420

Feature: Magnetic, harden-able, fair corrosion resistance

General Applications: Used for special bearings and valves where balls requiring a combination of hardness and corrosion resistance



Feature: Magnetic, highest hardness, good corrosion resistance.

General Applications: Used in bearing, nozzles and valves where lubrication is poor or absent.




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