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  • Name: One way clutch bearing MZ-G series MZ15G MZ20G MZ30G MZ35G MZ60G MZ70G
  • Brand: ATS and OEM and ODM
  • Shelves time: 2017-01-20
  • Bearing Type: Sealed
  • Views : 89

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One way clutch bearing MZ-G  series MZ15G MZ20G MZ30G MZ35G MZ60G MZ70G

One-way bearing is free to rotate in one direction, while in the other direction on a bearing locked. One-way bearings inside the metal shell that contains lots of roller, needle or ball, and the rolling seat (hole) shape so that it can only scroll in one direction, while in the other direction will have great resistance.


One-way bearing features:

High carrying capacity

Enough storage grease space

High limited speed

Long life


One-way bearing application:

One-way bearings are widely used in printing machinery, packing machinery, food machinery, two-speed gearboxes, electric roller, exercise equipment, automobile industry; Household appliances, fishing reel, Currency detector, etc.


One-way bearing types:

We may produce many kinds of one-way bearing including: HF, HFL, FC, FCB, RCB, RC, F, IWC, EWC, DC, CSK, CKB (B200), ASNU, CKA, FWD, NF, DZ, CKA, CKZ, MG, ASNU, UHF, GC, CKH, PB, CKY, CKF, NYD, CKS and so on.  

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Deep groove ball bearing is one of the most typical structures in rolling bearing and for extensive purposes. Basic deep groove ball bearing has an outer ring, an inner ring, a group of steel ball and a set of cage composition.



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